Much awaited Sri Lankan price comparison website has been launched –

Much awaited Sri Lankan price comparison website has been launched –

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Much awaited Sri Lankan price comparison website has been launched _
(only Sri Lankan price comparison website with real time updated prices)  

Website content is a Sri Lankan based website which allows you to get all kind of deals at discounts. We are the first online platform which provides you complete details of all variety of products from different retailers. Whether you are looking for beauty products, travel deals, home appliances, or digital products, we have a wide range of all items for you. It means there is no need to look for several sources on internet for different products. All of the products with complete information of descriptions, prices, images and retailers are available on this platform. Another valuable feature of this platform is that we update the rates regularly. It means you don’t need to worry for real-time prices of different products. We understand the importance of comparison between the same products by multiple retailers. That’s why we always make sure that you will get real-time and updated price data on this platform. In general, you can get information about more than one thousand products by more than one hundred retailers. These facts make this platform the biggest and most reliable platform in Sri Lanka.

Unique features of Sri Lankan biggest Retailers hub

The following are the most prominent features of this website. You can take different kinds of advantages if you know all of the features mentioned below.

  • Each product on this site is visible with its price history chart for up to 180 days. It means you can take an idea about the change in the average cost of any product by checking the history of the price chart. It helps the visitors to make small or bulk purchases of the same product accordingly. 
  • This website is mobile-friendly, secure, and the most prominent platform which has retailers from all across the country. 
  • You can also come to know about detailed descriptions for each product. Also, the world’s latest news about the specific products and different YouTube reviews are also there to help you. Such analyses are based on customer’s opinions, and these can help you to purchase a suitable product for you. 
  • Another attractive point on this platform is that you can instantly check different types of intro videos of the products.  
  • You can quickly compare different products for a number of different characteristics. Various filters can help you to use option price compare, retailer, quality and other standards. 
  • You can subscribe or enter your email to get the instant alert for the products at low prices. We will send you the updates according to your set standards and prices.
  • You can see and check the drop in prices of different items. You can also get notifications for huge discounts on numerous products by retailers. 
  • You can check the details of stocks of products on vendor websites. This is also an excellent approach to make sure that you have all the data about the new products available in the market. 
  • Different videos on the site will guide you to explore all options easily. You can check all sections on site and get updated information and detailed articles on a daily basis. 

Let’s explore today

Feel free to browse different categories and subcategories on this site. You will be able to get all related products in the specified category. You can also directly search the product name and retailers in the search bar. Additionally, you can go to the News page to get the latest news about different products in Sri Lanka. The news and reviews are provided on this site all across the globe. So, be ready to get updates on a weekly and monthly basis for all the products you like to buy at the lowest prices. 

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