First night in Meemure (Sinhala: මීමුරේ)

Day 1
We reached the camping tents that we were supposed to stay the night after a 20 mins walk up a small hill. It was both a joy and hard effort to climb up the hill with all our baggage. Surprisingly there were no leeches even though the surrounding was damp.
The camp site was about 200m away from the house of a villager who prepared us meals thereafter. The meals were surprisingly delightful, I’ll write about that later. So after we reached the house of the villager with our guide, they offered us tea with “Kithul” Jaggery.
The tea and jaggery made us revitalized after the long journey. They had prepared our lunch even though it was around 3.30pm when we reached there.
The interesting thing about having tea or any other food in Meemure is that there is no time allocated for lunch or tea. In a traditional Sri Lankan house, you could have tea at anytime and you will be offered food anytime during the day. Meemure has preserved the same culture for this many years.
At around 4.00pm we had lunch. It was the best lunch I ever had in my whole life. The food was absolutely brilliant. The protein of the diet was dried fish but I suppose it would suffice the need since dried fish has a huge protein content.
After having lunch we decided to stay around the tents and the house for the rest of the day since it was late around 5 O clock in the evening. The darkness started to set in around 6 pm. The villagers lighted up some lamps where we were dwelling outside playing cards. The climate was very pleasant. Not too cold, not hot at all. It was the perfect climate as one would describe.
One more special thing was that water was FREE as it should be. Water in its purest form flowing all around you. Paradise. We had a bath in when darkness was setting in. We had to carry the oil lamps with us to the place we had a bath where a mini waterfall was formed from a water spring with an aid of a tree trunk. As cold as the water was it a so much fun to have a bath in the dark with all the friends in these conditions.
We had dinner around 8.30pm which was equally delicious. It was pitch dark outside. It felt strange to live without electricity but we were getting used to it. We had brought some head mounting lamps and torches for us to assist in finding our way and finding things. However, all the necessary places were lit up with oil lamps. The best feeling was that we were disconnected from the whole world. No mobile signals, no electricity no radio/tv signals. It was one of the best feelings in my whole life.
After dinner we went back to the tents(camp-site) where we were supposed to stay the night. For the group of 9, we had 3 tents. There was a larger tent and we huddled up into one tent and had some chit chat before going to separate tents to get some sleep.

ජාත්‍යන්තරය කළඹවන ඇමරිකානු හා චීන එදිරිවාදිකම්

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